In Loving Memory of Jeffrey Collier

October 2, 1951 – November 27, 2020

Jeffrey C. Collier

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We use a variety of techniques when mapping out your blueprint; including tax-free wealth accumulation, "safe money" investing, and a low volatility investment discipline that generates consistent returns.

How have we been so successful with our portfolio designs? Education. The world of finances is like golf. Even if you have the best set of clubs on the market, you won’t play a good round unless you know how to swing them. We focus on teaching our clients the right “swing” by helping them understand time-tested financial strategies.

With that knowledge, we find the right financial products — the clubs — for their situation. This client-driven, education-focused approach has worked time and time again. We’ve created millions of dollars cumulatively for our clients. We’d love to help you, too.

Tactical Money Management

Who watches over your money that is invested in the market? Does your broker actively and tactically manage your assets? It seems that more than ever before, fear rules the market with investors buying and selling on the latest news trend. At Collier Financial we are the captains of your financial portfolio. As with any good captain we sail around the storm – not push recklessly thru it. We are investors for the long term with an eye out for volatility.

We partner with institutional level money managers that create wealth thru volatility control in a market that is inconsistent and frustrating. Tactical money management involves a dynamic investment strategy that actively adjusts a portfolio’s asset allocation. The goal of a tactical money management strategy is to improve the risk-adjusted returns of passive management. We have found that passive management is so common in today’s retail financial market. However, we believe in a proactive approach. Are you ready for this change?


Annuities are a popular way to plan for retirement today. However, we urge caution in this regard, because not all annuities are created the same. We work with specific types of annuities that may ensure a steady stream of income, which can be very helpful during retirement years. They can be much more secure than putting money into things like the stock market. They also offer tax benefits.

At Collier Financial, we can help you understand which annuity would best match your retirement needs – whether it be the highest contractual guaranteed income, or income that will increase to keep up with inflation. We will also give you advice on lesser known strategies to help maximize your retirement income. Give us a call so we can make an appointment to discuss if an annuity would be right for you.

Note: This is an insurance product subject to qualification. Annuities are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the insurance company. Please see us for details.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies (IULs)

Is your money just sitting in the bank, earning almost no interest? There’s a better way to save!

Many people leave their money in low-yield bank accounts and banking products because they want their money to be safe. They’re frustrated, however, because their “safe money” is earning virtually no interest at all. The bank, of course, is investing this money and making a profit! At Collier Financial, we’re frustrated with this, too. That’s why we’ve found a better option.

Your money could be earning a tax advantaged rate of return, while still being safe and accessible through an Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) policy through reputable national insurance companies. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and there’s no risky investing involved. Rather, IULs are built on solid financial principles, such as compound interest, to help you safely invest your money in a product that guarantees interest rates that are much greater than a bank account.

IULs are surprisingly simple, and there are many options out there, including one product that features full liquidity and guaranteed interest. Come in and talk with us and we’ll explain how it works. Then you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Note: This is an insurance product subject to qualification. All insurance policies are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the insurance company. Please see us for details.

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